Linen Store

Exciting news, we now stock linen.

We have some of the most exquisite Italian linens in various counts to suit all your needs. When we can we will get some photographs up on the website but for now here is the list: 

60/52 Count – Graziano
White, Crème and Romantico

60 Count – Sotema
Beige, Ottico

51 Count – Sotema
Avorio, Ottico

48 Count – Sotema
Glicine (DMC 3836)
Rosa (DMC 778)
Verde (DMC 564)
Celeste (DMC 3841)
Greggio Finito

45 Count – Graziano

40 Count - Various
Zweigart (Antique White, Vintage Brown (3009), Cream)

38 Count – Zweigart, Graziano and Sotema
Zweigart – Antique White
Graziano (Various Colours)
Sotema – Candidio, Grigio (DMC 3023), Rosa (DMC 948), Rosa Polvere (DMC 778), Azz (DMC 926)

35 and 32 Count
Various Permin and Zweigart 

28 Count – Sotema

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